There are so many reasons why in 2023, digital marketing is so important for businesses. We’ve narrowed it down for you…

You can reach just about anybody with digital marketing.

Alright…slight exaggeration we know…but, we are no longer constrained by locality and now have the ability to put your product or service in front of any audience, anywhere (with 5.8 BILLION internet users worldwide).

Digital marketing is cost-effective.

When you think about the costs of alternative marketing channels like print, radio or TV advertising, digital marketing puts effective marketing strategies within reach of more businesses.

Better targeting.

Not only is digital advertising more cost-effective but our ability to target your ideal audience is higher, too. We have the capacity to target specific customer groups based on location, interests, behaviours and more. Your potential for conversions or sales is instantly increased and you’re not wasting marketing
funds on the wrong audience.

Track, report, optimise, repeat.

Your marketing agency can track and report to you monthly on digital ad performance, and your campaigns can be tweaked and altered accordingly to maximise results. Analytics provide business owners with insights worth their weight in gold, such as traffic, engagement rates, click-throughs,
conversions, demographics and more.

Solidifying brand identity.

We often hear the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” and consider how relevant this is to digital marketing. Whether you go all-in with guns blazing chasing maximum results, or take more of a slow-burning approach, we would argue that digital marketing to some degree is an absolute must for every
single business. A slower, small-budget approach for those yet to explore a more results-orientated approach can still be beneficial for maintaining your brand identity, credibility and to sustain a point-of-contact for those looking to engage with your business.

Businesses can be as unique as our personalities and it’s obviously important to take a deeper dive with your marketing specialist to determine what strategies best suit you and your business. At The Workshop Co we offer free audits on your existing digital advertising strategies so if you are keen to book a chat with one of the team, get in touch.